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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 25, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PST

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republicans in this effort or going to change some of their ideas. >> will cain let me can you that question. >> i really like that necklace to start off, it's been catching my attention all morning. >> god, i like this. >> re-branding the republican party, you played a clip of bobby jindal saying we cannot engage in identity politics. i take issue, the debate over women in the military or combat, it has nothing to do with identity or quality, it's a different debate, about the best military, i want to have that debate there. can we have that debate, that's the one we're forwarding. >> there's a ton of people would say it is about identity and equality and maybe it also is about the best military and all those things cannot be separated out in order to have a debate thaw want to have on one front. it's about all of them. >> let's do them one at a time, start there. >> for another day. you get the last 20 seconds. >> this is the last day before we kick into the horrible super bowl into the har bowl,
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cane/abel, romulus/remus. my boys are perfect and they get along every minute of every day. >> sure. still ahead on monday on "starting point" because it's friday from the winners to the losers to the fashion, we'll have a complete recap of the s.a.g. awards, they take place sunday night plus the hit amc show "the walking dead" david morrissey will join us to talk about that. remember the darth vader volkswagen ad, sneak peek at the ads for the super bowl. "cnn newsroom" with carol costello right now. >> thank you, soledad. conservatives in charlotte with a sweeping message of change. >> we have to stop being the stupid party. we must quit big. we are not the party of big business, big banks, big wall street bailouts, big loopholes or big anything. >> governor bobby jindal and the importance of messaging. the first u.s. president to
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support same-sex marriage in his inaugural address, this morning the head of the gay and lesbian task force is here to talk obama, defense of marriage act and gays in the workplace. plus this -- >> i'm just calling to say good night, i love you. >> hear the late night voice mails that landed manti te'o in katie couric's chair and the question that has everyone talking this morning. >> are you gay? >> no, far from it, far from that. >> the hoax, the dead girlfriend, and the interview you got to see. plus this. when i watch you eat, when i look at you lately, i just want to smash your face in. >> smash my face. >> ooh, you know her from "war of the roses." kathleen turner sits down and talks not about her films but about guns. "newsroom" starts now.
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good morning to you. happy friday. i'm carol costello. we start with an arctic blast, plunging south, bringing with it ice, snow, and varying degrees of misery to millions. this morning many are waking up to plunging temperatures and the hard bite of winter. fountains in much of the eastern united states frozeen this morning. the 20s reaching as far south as south carolina and georgia, for many an abrupt end to what has been so far pretty darned mild winter. cnn meteorologist jennifer delgado is in nashville where shivering southerners are also bracing for the threat of ice and alexandra steele is in the weather center with the big picture. jennifer, let's start with you. good morning. >> good morning, carol. you said mild winter but right now it doesn't feel so mild. we are dealing with the cold rain in nashville and only had one report of any ice
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accumulation, roughly one-tenth in the county we're in, in a nashville. right now we are live and reporting from the tennessee department of transportation, you can see a lot of action under way, trying to get more quailty on the road because of the overpasses and elevated roadways to freeze over. this shouldn't come as a surprise after such a wild weather week. >> it's terrible. >> freezing. >> cold. >> it's freezing out here, man. >> reporter: and now freezing rain and ice in tennessee. crews armed with salt trucks are at the ready. >> we have 32 counties here in the middle tennessee area that tdot will be keeping an eye on. we will have enough people here to make sure that the roads are ready for rush hour in the morning. >> reporter: relentless freezing rain in salt lake city forced all of the runways at the city's international airport to close thursday. some parts of the great lakes
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picked up between two and three feet of lake-effect snow this week which led to this pile-up in ohio. in new hampshire, brutal sub-zero windchills continue to plummet, precautions under way at pat's peak sky area to keep workers and patrons safe. >> we give them hand and foot warmers, rotate them out frequently and allow them to come into huts to warm up for breaks. >> reporter: in the midwest a stubborn warehouse fire rekindled again leaving the structure look like a massive igloo. it's so cold in minnesota pipes froze, leading to this ice rink melting. >> everything runs through a condenser outside, that started slushing up on us so we couldn't get rid of the heat to keep cooling. >> reporter: it's 33 degrees in nashville so a little too warm for any freezing rain but people still need to be cautious and
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earlier i didn't have these gloves on, they call them the candy cane or candy striper gloves, it's so cold, anything to help and luckily my producer gave them to me. i don't have gloves, hats, anything like that. >> you're a southerner, you got to learn. that guy behind you that's digging the salt he was doing doughnuts in your live shot. >> we had doughnuts, they treated us pretty good here. >> i didn't mean that kind of doughnut but jennifer, thank you. let's answer the big question how is this belated arrival of winter going to impact you? we check in with meteorologist alexandra steele. >> the doughnuts you're talking about won't be done in nashville but the ice bull's eye where they could be doing doughnuts on the ice is east of that, east of tennessee and kentucky, that is the bull's eye between a quarter and a half an inch of ice. the big picture not a lot of moisture. you can see here's the snow, chicago hasn't seen an inch of snow since last february 24th,
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around chicago picking up about three-quarters of an ancinch. we'll see if it is at o'hare airport. chicago is a done deal, light in nature. in kentucky and tennessee what you're going to see here, these are all the rice reports that are just beginning to come in. let me show you one, and it's eastern kentucky and tennessee and this kind of is indicative of what we're seeing. ice accumulation a tenth of an inch, i-25 ice covered and a tractor trailer in a ditch. even with a tenth an inch of rice it is problematic on the roads. here is the time line of it, carol, we'll watch this move by this afternoon, ice moves toward asheville where they will see ice and it will be a quick-hitting snowmaker in washington, d.c., by about 5:00 to 10:00 tonight, one to two inches. carol in new york city maybe about a one-inch snow, quick hitter just today but trouble wise here is where that ice
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storm warn something in eastern kentucky and tennessee through tonight at 6:00. >> we'll consider ourselves warned. thanks. we have to stop being the stupid party, strong words from one of the young stars of the gop. louisiana governor jindal is saying they have to stop insulting the intelligence of voters. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party, and i'm serious, it's time for a new republican party that talks like adults. it's time for us to articulate our plans and our visions for america in real terms. it's no secret we had a number of republicans that damaged the brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments. i'm here to say we've had enough of that. we must quit big. we are not the party of big business, big banks, big wall street bailouts, big corporate loopholes or anything anything. we must not be the party that simpt simply protects the well-off so they can keep their toys. we have to be the party that shows all americans they can
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thrive. we're the party that helps more join the middle class. >> anna navarro has counseled republicans on minority outreach. mark, jindal calls republicans stupid, says they've lost their compass of conservatism and don't much like minorities or don't show minorities they like them. if i'm a republican i might say hey, governor jindal, who made you mr. reformer? >> carol, if you're a conservative you might say to bobby jindal you're right in your comments. that speech given last night at the republican national committee winter meeting in many ways might have been a call to arms for conservatives to fight back against the big government in washington, at the same time as we heard bobby jindal say just a few seconds ago, republicans need to be smarter in what they say and in their rhetoric, having candidates out there talking about legitimate rape, offensive comments like
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that, also harsh rhetoric on immigration is not going to help the republican party certainly as we move forward and as we head into the 2016 presidential race, bobby jindal might actually be looking to run, carol. >> sure sounds that way, doesn't it? jindal talked about minority outreach. let's listen to that. >> we must reject identity politics. now there's this old notion ours should be a color blind society. it is the right one and we should pursue that idea with vigor. identity politics is corrosive to the great american melting pot and we must reject it. we must reject the notion that skin pigmentation dictates voter behavior. we must treat all people as individuals rather than members of special interest groups. >> anna, you've worked with republicans on minority outreach. jindal said republicans have to convince minorities they like them. ouch. >> and he knows from where he speaks, carol. look at him. he's a minority himself and i
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can tell you anybody that is a minority in the republican party, whether it's bobby jindal, whether it's somebody like me, whether it's a voter, it is hard. it has been very painful to hear some of this harsh rhetoric and bobby jindal is doing exactly the right thing. he's got every right to do it. he's the chair of the republican governors association, he's an elected republican leader, he's a minority who has felt this in his own skin and he's got the responsibility and the duty to tell other republicans we've got to shift course here. we've got to change the tone. we've got to change the message. we've got to change the way we talk. we cannot continue saying stupid things that antagonize whole blocks of voters. we can't continue talking about rape, we can't continue saying hostile things towards immigrants. >> there seems to be, well, there is a split in the republican party right now, so how many do you think, anna, are on jindal's side and how many are on the other? >> i think there's a lot more on
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jindal's side. i think there's a lot more on the rational right side than meets the eye. what happens, carol, there's really a handful of folks who say crazy things, who say offensive things, and the media narrative is that that is what defines the brand. that's not true. i was just at the republican house retreat and i felt comforted at the amount of very good, decent public servants that are there to do the right thing for the voters and the right thing for the party and the country and that are worried about the party branding and growing the party. now i get it, listen, you can say something crazy in sioux city, iowa, and you're still going to get elected, if you say something offensive toward hispanics but these people are hearing from their colleagues that it's hurting them and that it's hurting the party in general, it's hurting the republican brand. >> anna innavarro, mark preston thank you so much. one of the nfl's outspoken
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players wants to push agendas. brendan ayanbadejo, he wants to further the causes of same-sex marriage and anti-bullying. ayanbadejo is a linebacker for the baltimore ravens. he's been a staunch supporter of gay rights for years. >> for me personally, i just see it as a human rights issue. it's not gay rights. it's just equal rights. it's just human rights, and whether it's suffrage or, you know, go back to slavery or segregation, gay rights, it's all the same thing to me. i've gotten a lot of skrcrutiny. i'm officially known as the gay ambassador. >> in the locker room is what he's talking about. the maryland state representative called him out for his support and one of the team's owner to stop him from commenting on such issues. the team refused. imagine you're the parents
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of both super bowl head coaches. who do you root for? jack and jackie harbaugh have that problem right now. older son john coaches the baltimore ravens while younger son jim coaches the san francisco 49ers and when their parents spoke to the media, it was john who had fun with it. >> our next question comes from john from baltimore. your line is open. >> caller: yeah, question from baltimore, is it true that both of you liked jim better than john? >> i do not. john harbaugh! >> is that john harbaugh? [ laughter ] >> that was me, john. >> hey, mom was ready to come right through this phone. i'm so happy that joanie recognized your voice! >> he pranked his parents during a radio broadcast, during the conference championships the harbaugh parents watch the games alone in their wisconsin home. another prank everyone is
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talking about is the takeover of the jimmy kimmel show by matt damon. if you don't know the joke matt damon has been invited to be a guest on kimmel's show many times and each time he's been bumped because kimmel ran out of time. damon proved revenge is indeed sweet. >> sincere apologies to matt damon, we'll get him on the air again soon. matt damon a poll geez, we ran out of time. apologies to matt damon we ran out of time. >> we ran out of time for him. matt damon. extremely overrated matt damon. ran out of time. [ laughter ] >> we ran out of time, we ran out of time. oh that's pretty funny. that's pretty funny. >> look at him over there. look at jimmy with the gag in his mouth. you've never been funnier, my friend. now, i am going to be making a
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few changes tonight. please welcome legendary actor, andy garcia. are you prepared to be my faithful sidekick? >> see, i brought my taser. >> what are you -- come on, man. >> i'm sorry. >> come on. >> forget it, matt, i couldn't do it to jimmy! >> but you've never done this show. >> no. >> why not? >> he's just, he's not classy. >> unlike nicole you've had the burden of being on this show, you know with you know who hosting a couple of times. >> i have no recollection of that. >> do you want to be on "jimmy kimmel live"? >> i don't know, is like jimmy in there? >> no, no, no, jimmy's not hosting it. i am. >> oh, yeah, well yeah, of course. of course, yeah.
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>> jimmy, is there anything you want to say before we wrap things up? wait, i'm sorry, we're out of time. good night, everybody. >> oh, it just makes me love matt damon even more. we thought you needed to laugh this friday and you got to admit that was funny. the american chicken council responds to reports of an impending chicken wing shortage for the super bowl. will fans be singing the blues in buffalo and around the nation?
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18 minutes past the hour. the former mayor of detroit is going back to jail, kwame
6:20 am
kilpatrick is serving three days. he's on parole after a conviction for obstruction of justice is currently on trial for public corruption. a sheriff's deputy in florida is recovering after he was dragged by a moving car. the driver was a shoplifting suspect, the whole thing caught on dash cam, affiliate wkmg reports the deputy was treated for a head injury and then he went right back to work. the suspect being held in jail without bond. mark zuckerberg apparently likes new jersey governor christine romans. the facebook founder is planning to host a fund-raiser for the republican rising star. silicon valley is typically known for leaning left but zuckerberg and his wife reportedly like the christie's position on education. in money news this morning, banks are chopping branches by the thousands, almost 2,300 branches closed last year, only 1,200 opened, the highest net loss since 2005. the cuts designed to save money, banks are encouraging customers
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to shift to online and mobile banking. note to chicken little the sky is not falling. the american chicken council says there is poultry a-plenty to provide for the 1.2 billion chicken wing portions that americans will eat next weekend. the group is trying to walk back reports that wings might fly off the shelves before the big game but i would still get to the grocery store a little early. manti te'o admits he was not forthcoming but he says he never lied. the notre dame linebacker told katie couric he was the victim of an online hoax, duped about a girlfriend who never existed but who actually spoke to him over the phone and for evidence, te'o brought voice mails to the katie show. >> hi, i'm just letting you know i got here and i'm getting ready for my first session and just wanted to call to keep you posted. i miss you. i love you. bye.
6:22 am
>> doesn't that sound like a girl? >> it does. >> sounds like a girl, doesn't it? >> here's an emotional one she left accusing you, she was angry at you, accusing you of having someone else in your room. let's listen to that. >> i don't know who answered your phone and i don't care. i swear on my life i'm trying -- you made it clear what you want. take care. >> cnn's george howell has been following the story and those voice mail messages might have actually been left by a guy. this is creepy. >> it's got a lot of people scratching their heads, yeah? >> yeah, more than once. >> you have to look at it like this, all of the different elements, the pictures, the online identity, there's the voice that we heard, everything that it took to create this fake
6:23 am
girlfriend that te'o said he really believed to be real, even after, carol, she died, died of cancer and then came back to life. so you know, he says that he didn't realize that he'd been duped until he got a call from a person that he met very briefly, a rainia tuiasosopo, who admittd to the hoax. he has not admitted connection but listen to this again, there was one exchange after hearing one of these voice mails that katie couric, a point she made. let's listen. >> but i just wanted to say i love you and good night, and i'll be okay tonight. i'll do my best. yeah, so get your rest and i'll talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much, hun. sweet dreams. >> you have no idea who the voice on the other end of the phone was, for all those months.
6:24 am
>> um-hum. >> do you think rainiah could have been playing the role of lennay? do you think that might have been a man on the other end of the phone? >> well, it didn't sound like a man, it sounded, sounded like a woman, but if he somehow made that voice, that's incredible, that's incredible talent. >> so carol that's your question, your point, was that a man, was that rainia rainiah tuiasosopo? i don't know. >> what was the takeaway from the interview? te'o's parents were there, they cried and when you look at his face, you realize how young he really is. >> you know, it's one of those things where, was this the sort of thing where he wanted to believe something so badly that he would believe anything, because there were signs he admitted carol there were signs, first of all, when he would try
6:25 am
to see his girlfriend, she wouldn't be available, when they would try to facetime she could see him but he couldn't see her, so there were definitely signs throughout the course of this thing that would have led a person to believe, hey, what's going on here, but you know, he says he believed that was a real legitimate person, his girlfriend. >> so does the story end now? is it over? he'll go to the draft and some nfl people will pick him up. >> lots of people will be talking about the story. how that affects him in the draft we will soon see. >> yes we will. george howell thank you very much. one baltimore raven wants to use the media frenzy surrounding the super bowl to send a message about gay rights and bullying? should the super bowl be politicized?
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the stories for the day. the question for you this morning, should the super bowl be politicized? the super bowl. it's one of the few events that capture the nation's undivided attention. last year some 111 million people watched, that's roughly a third of the population. one of this year's super bowl players, brendan ayanbadejo of the ravens wants to seize the media frenzy to push for gay equality, an issue he's been passionate about for years. >> for me personally i see it as a human rights issue, it's not gay rights, it's equal rights, just human rights, whether it's suffrage or go back to slavery or segregation, gay rights, it's all the same thing to me. i've gotten a lot of scrutiny. i'm officially known as the ambassador, the gay ambassador.
6:29 am
>> he told "the new york times" if the ravens win the super bowl, his dream is not to go to disney world but to "go on ellen." that's my ultimate goal after the super bowl to go on ellen's show, to be dancing with her, to bust a move with her." this isn't the first time the super bowl has been used as a political platform. three years ago tim tebow and his mom appeared in an anti-abortion ad during the super bowl. >> i call him my miracle baby. he almost didn't make it into this world. i can remember so many times when i almost lost him. it was so hard. well, he's all grown up now and i still worry about his health. you know with all our family's been through, you have to be tough. timmy, i'm trying to tell our story here. >> sorry about that, mom. >> there are surely those who will say can't we kick back and watch the game, take a three-hour break from politics,
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good morning, thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello, stories we're following this morning, opening bell on wall street, which is actually being rung remotely from davos at the world economic forum, stock futures pointing to a higher open thanks to stronger than expected corporate earnings, among them samsung a record $6.6 billion profit for the fourth quarter, that is a 76% increase from the
6:33 am
previous year. rhode island is on the path to allow same-sex marriage, on thursday the state house of representatives approved a bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry. that bill heads to the state senate. rhode island's governor says he'll sign it if it reaches his desk. and brendan ayanbadejo wants to use the super bowl for more support for gay rights and same-sex equality. >> our jurny is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are accepted under the law. >> but it's not yet clear what specifically the president will do for gays and lesbians. joining us now is ray carey, executive director of the national gay and lesbian task
6:34 am
force. welco welcome, ray. >> thank you, carol. >> thank you for coming back. when you were listening to the president's speech what went through your mind? >> certainly i was struck with the historic nature of him talking about gay, you know, gay people and marriage and our love for each other and the equality of that. i was also struck, though, with what an american inauguration it was. we had sonia sotomayor, we had a gay cuban poet, we were even included in the benediction so i think what that really showed was it wasn't just obama saying the word gay once it was a representation of the direction our country is headed in, both in who speaks, and who is made visible. >> the other interesting thing that happened just today is this baltimore ravens player wants to use the super bowl to promote gay equality. i mean ten years ago that would not have happened. >> no it would not. again we're seeing in all corners of the country and people saying enough. i love my gay, lesbian, bisexual
6:35 am
and transgender friends and family members and let's move through this, let's go forward as a country and we'll be the better for it. >> so some people might say the president has done enough, gays are now welcome in the military, they can serve openly, we seem to be on the path to gay marriage throughout the country and individual states are doing that, so what more do you want the president to do? >> well, he has shown extraordinary leadership already and there are many, many things he's done from the ones you've mentioned to our being able to visit our partners in the hospital. there are many opportunities for his leadership coming up, not the least of which are the supreme court cases, we hope he weighs in there. he also has the opportunity to protect millions of americans on their jobs by an executive order. right now there are no federal protections for lgbt people in that country and in 29 states it is perfectly legal to be fired from your job simply because of who you are or who you love. so there are many opportunities -- >> why an executive order,
6:36 am
because some people might say shouldn't that be something that goes through congress? each individual special interest group now says to the president hey, you've done it already. issue an executive order for us. >> we are waiting on congress to do their job with the employment nondiscrimination act. they are slow to take up that task. we've been working on that for years and continue to push that. in the meantime there are millions of people getting up for work every day, tying up their shoes, going in to work, terrified that they will be fired just because of who they are and we're in this very strange place in this country where there will be couples, thousands of couples who will now go to a number of states in the district of columbia, have the wedding of their dreams, go back to work, like all of our straight friends do, place a picture of our loved one on our desk and they can be fired for that. so what we're seeing in this country is, yes, we've made incredible progress, but we still have so far to go, including on issues we've mentioned here, immigration and issues of poverty facing our
6:37 am
community. >> thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. remember the fairytale about the kids who dropped bread crumbs to find their way in the forest? it's gotten a hollywood makeover and it is definitely not for kids. >> something else is going on here. >> you've got to be kidding me. [ female announcer ] new roc® retinol correxion max. the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results.
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luke, i am your father. >> no. no. >> his name is almost synonymous with great science fiction.
6:40 am
director j.j. abrams is ruled to be one of the most popular franchises of film "star wars." abrams is picking up where "the return of the jedi" left off. >> i know there is good in you. >> you don't know the power of the dark side. if you fight, then you will meet your destiny. >> nischelle turner is in los angeles, and i can only hope that mr. abrams will not include jarjar binks. >> you're not a jarjar fan? >> nobody is. >> maybe just me then i'm the one jarjar fan in the history of the universe but you know what? i love this story because if you want to find a director with geek street cred, can't do much better than j.j. abrams and the reports are the force is strong with him, he will be directing a
6:41 am
new "star wars" film. from "alias" to "star trek" you know he'll treat the fantasy world with respect. there are usually battle lines drawn between fans of "star trek" and "star wars" j.j. is one of the few directors on each side's short list and everybody is wondering what the new "star wars" film will look like. carol hopes there's no jarjar. under abrams he did a good job with the remaining "star trek" series. i saw someone tweeting as darth vader by the way, warning him not to use a smoke monster in the updated film so now we have no jarjar and no smoke monster but as a fan of j.j.'s "star trek" and "star wars" i have no idea what the new film will look like but everyone is excited about the seventh movie. you might not look at me and know it but i am a huge "star wars" fan. i cannot wait. >> i saw them all, although i fell asleep in the last one.
6:42 am
i know abrams will make it better than that. let's talk about "hansel and gretel" because it's not a fairytale for kids anymore. >> less bread crumbs and more butt kicking. instead of potential victims, they're the witch hunters now so don't expect a lot of gingerbread houses in this action film and by the way this is rated "r." it's more about stunts and special effects than pushing a witch into an oven because after all f two could escape from a witch as children, with a handful of bread crumbs then they should be okay in witch hunting. the modern take on the old fairytale is expected to win the box office this weekend and it stars jeremy renner of "hurt locker" fame and new face genmer arturton. i have to get her name right because i'll say it often. she's a look per. >> i bet she is. thanks, nischelle. kathleen turner is joining protesters to demand stricter
6:43 am
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why wait? 43 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. authorities in washington's dulles airport are investigating whether a united airlines plane from brussels clipped the wing of an empty aircraft. the 777 was pulling into the gate when the collision reportedly happened. no injuries reported. just after noon today president obama will name the next white house chief of staff, we expect it to be dennis mcdonough, he's been at the white house four years and serves as the deputy national security adviser, mcdonough replaces jack lew who is now the president's nominee for treasury secretary. for the first time president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton will appear in an interview together. it will air this sunday on cbs's "60 minutes." clinton is expected to leave her role as secretary of state as soon as john kerry is confirmed,
6:46 am
possibly next week. cbs also points out this is the first interview obama has done with someone other than his wife. tomorrow thousands of people are expected to march silently on washington in support of gun control. the event will include residents from newtown as well as pastors, doctors, lawmakers and victims of other mass shootings. they're asking congress to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and require background checks. speaking at the event is actress and activist kathleen turner and of course you remember her from those great films "body heat" and "romancing the stone." >> what went wrong? i'll tell you what went wrong. [ screaming ]. >> first of all, guess who else is here? you're dead right, solo. >> what? >> secondly, you've got yourself a partner who likes shooting holes in everything. >> a minimum price for taking a
6:47 am
stranded woman to the telephone is $400. >> $375 in traveler's checks? >> done deal. >> you saw some shoot 'em up scenes there but turner is an outspoken gun control activist and earlier she told me she will not act in another move ewith gra tu tis gun violence. >> some people say you're an elitist hollywood actress, the real purpose behind this march on washington is not to limit some guns but to do away with all guns is what you really want is the end of the second amendment. >> oh, no, i think that's really exaggerated. i think that any opposition or any suggestion of control over, you know, like a federal level of control over gun sales is, you know, automatically responded to as an attack on the second amendment. it's their knee-jerk reaction. i'm not so much, i must say, a
6:48 am
hollywood actress. i'm really a very serious stage actress and that's my true, my true love, but this is not an attack on the second amendment. i don't think anybody is going to say no, you may not own a gun. it is simply, own it responsibly and wisely. >> but you know what they're going to say. okay, so i won't call you a hollywood actress, you're a new yorker, it's even worse. >> oh, you got me there. since we just enacted the quickest, harshest gun controls in the country for which i am very, very proud of our city, of our state. yes, you know, there is -- i don't think our gun control laws that have been passed in new york state in any way keep anyone from owning a gun. it's simply you know, guidelines on how to purchase it and what
6:49 am
you're able to register, about ownership. >> the other thing gun rights advocates might say is, you're part of the entertainment industry, and in their mind the entertainment industry is responsible for gun violence in this country and you're not doing anything about that. >> well, personally i make a choice in choosing the material that i work on, you know, that i get involved with. i do make that choice to avoid that kind of random and unnecessary violence, simply it's a matter of personal tastes. i don't wish to be associated with that. i don't think, however, that it's a cause, gun violence. i think that exists well without any what, any inspiration from the entertainment industry. >> i'd just like to -- it was interesting what you said. you would actually decline to be in a movie that depicted
6:50 am
gratuitous violence? >> oh, yes, i have. i will. >> yet those types of movies are okay to show, despite your feelings about being in them? >> well, again, you know, we might get back to a question of censorship that i don't think that because i choose personally not to be, you know, involved with any of that kind of violence, unnecessary violence doesn't mean that i feel no one else should be allowed to either. i don't wish to impose my will on other people. i think we all need to exercise our own sense of responsibility. >> now see the nra might say well, then you should understand our position because that's exactly how we feel. >> well as i say, i don't think it's an attack on the second amendment. it's simply common sense, in order to, so that people who buy guns are registered, are known
6:51 am
and their background is checked for any kind of mental illness or, you know, criminal behavior. >> and then my final question, you know, lots of people say the nra has such a strong lobbying arm that no sort of meaningful gun control will ever pass the legislature. do you think that's true? >> i think it's changing. think. i think that this march, you know, that we're having on saturday in washington, the march against gun violence and in support of, you know, the victims of gun violence, i think it is a genuine expression of the people's will, of the people's desires. >> thanks again to activist and actress kathleen turner. the march for gun control takes place tomorrow on capitol hill. our talkback question today
6:52 am
should the super bowl be politicized? i'll be right back. ♪ my frien, they do surround me ♪ ♪ i hope this never ends ♪ and we'll be the best of friends ♪ ♪ all set? all set. [ male announcer ] introducing the reimagined 2013 chevrolet traverse, with spacious seating for up to eight. imagine that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic.
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6:54 am
talkback question today, should the super bowl be politicized. this from rigo. when it comes to equal rights, everything should be politicized. why should there be any moment of rest until equality is
6:55 am
achieved? from joni, no. people tune in to enjoy the game and commercials. let's not polarize the events. this from randy. you mean do the players have a right to have political opinions? absolutely. if they want to use their platform to share those opinions and further those causes, why shouldn't be. this from robert. it's the super bowl and not a political venn yoo ofny sorts. the presidential election is over. give us a couple of hours of political and cause-free entertainment. and from billy, the super bowl is a platform that millions watch a gray way to get a message across why not politicize it. keep the conversation going facebook daum sl or tweet me @carolcnn.
6:56 am
6:57 am
this is a critical time for manti te'o, the football player.
6:58 am
you've heard it by now, i'm sure. he's going to have to impress the nfl scouts now despite the scandal. >> right. with all of this he's bringing a lot of baggage to the nfl. he has to set his draft status or try to keep it. here's the latest with te'o. he's not playing the senior bowl. instead he's training in south florida and he's trying to convince these nfl personnel that he remains a mid to late first-round pick but the lasting image we have of te'o, once he got the news and the championship game, horrible. his team was horrible. and now this controversy surrounds him. so he's put himself in a hole, carol. he's trying to hang onto to what he had. >> but couldn't he say to these nfl scouts, look, i just found out my girlfriend wasn't real, i was emotionally distraught, i didn't know how to handle the controversy and it affected my play in my play. >> he'll have a chance to do that in late february in
6:59 am
indianapolis. at this time he's going to go through a couple of important things. one, the eyeball things, they'll test him, put him through drills. secondly, to your point, he'll be interviewed. he'll be interviewed by all 32 teams, and these people will want to know why he got into this controversy, what is it about, is he mature enough to handle the rigors of the nfl and handle the personal issues. those questions need to be answered. and frankly i think his interview process is going to have to be better than it was with katie couric. >> just a note on that. the nfl has strapped players with seem steamier matters. >> think it matter as what kind of player he is. he's going to bang on that. he's a high school football player and a heisman trophy final list and maybe they'll see through all that. let's talk about something
7:00 am
happier. >> how about this. the new orleans hornets went through a name change and logo change. the new name is -- ready? go ahead. >> i keep wanting to say storks. >> it's pelicans. get your birds straight. the new orleans pelicans. >> the fighting pelicans. >> it makes sense because it's the state bird and it's the brown pelican, the state bird, and it's the pelican state. it appears on the flag and seal. not everyone is with this decision including chris paul who's a former pelican -- hornet, now current clipper, and he had a great tweet about this. his tweet was pelicans? and then he said i'm not rollin'. but anyway, new orleans used to be the jazz, remember? and the jazz went to utah and i always think of utah when i think of great jazz, don't you? >> that comes directly to mind. i can understand why they wouldn't want to change the nickname. pelicans. i was going to say storks again.
7:01 am
>> tom benson bought them and he was never happy with it. let me finish. it's the feel good story of the week, maybe the year. it involves owen grosser, 8th grader, down syndrome. play add junior high game. didn't play all season long. made a three-pointer the coach drew up and another one and the kids drew up a campaign to have him featured. he was and his dad was excited about it. in his next game, four points. so owen, he has it going. what great story. >> you go. that's awesome. you did it. i'm happy. check out for these stories and all the nfl experts on manti te'o's draft status. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. stories we're watching right now in the newsroom, taking a stand on social issues during super bowl week.
7:02 am
one baltimore player is using his time in the spotlight to do just that. tough love for republicans and it's coming from a rising star within the party. he said it's time to change the message. >> we must not be the party that simply protects the well off so they can keep their toys. we've got to be the party that shows all americans how they can thrive. and a family desperate to help their severely autistic son is turning to a controversial treatment, medical marijuana. we'll explain. and the marketing of manti te'o after the hopes turned his name into a punch line. we'll talk to an expert to specializes in the sells of athletes and their images. "newsroom" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. it's a story you rarely see and now tied to the most watched name of the year. he'll be on the field with his
7:03 am
baltimore range teammates for super bowl xlvii in san francisco but in new orleans the linebacker has an off-field mission too. he wants to use the media spotlight to mention equal marriage. he said he was raised around gay people and it was never allowed. here's what he had to say on wbl radio. >> for me personally i see it as a human rights issue. it's not gay rights. it's human rights. whether it's suffrage or go back to slavery or segregation, gay rights. i've gotten a lot of scrutiny. i'm known as the gay ambassador. good morning jay-z. >> jay-z? i like that. one thing, i lip sync. >> that's a whole other controversial.
7:04 am
let's talk about ian bidet joe and how he might use the frenzy vournlding the super bowl to talk about marriage equality. >> we're going to be talking to the players, highlighting the themes they're talking about. i think it's important to make note that, you know, i really appreciate, am happy with what brendan is doing but he's not the first player to use the super bowl to talk about marriage equality and gay rights. scott fujita actually did it himself when the new orleans saints won their super bowl. so we're seeing hochfully a good trend in terms of using this platform not only to talk about social issues dealing with gay people but social issues in general. >> some people might say give us a break. it's the super bowl. i want to have fun and leave the culture wars behind just for one weekend. >> you know what? a lot of people feel that way about sports, period. that they don't want to talk about social issues when they're watching sports. it's supposed to be an escape. i would say to those people, we've escaped too much,
7:05 am
overescaped, and we need to talk about these issues when everyone is watching this game in terms of being productive. ignoring it rarely helps us solve anything. >> as you well know, being gay in the nfl, i don't think there are any openly gay players in the nfl, right? >> not open to us. open to the teammates, yes, but not open to us. >> i was struck when katie couric asked manti te'o everybody -- the question everyone wanted to ask him. was this fake girlfriend a front because he was gay. so let's listen to that bit and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> one of the theories, many theories, manti, making rounds is somehow you created the whole scenario to cover up your sexual orientation. are you gay? >> no. far from it. far from it. >> just the way he answered the
7:06 am
question. i mean i'm sure he's not gay. i'm not going to they he's liaring about it. but the way he's answering, oh, most assuredly i'm not gay. >> well, we've been down this road before. i've always found that the more secure someone is, the less arouse thad kind of answer bridges and that the more insecure the person is, they deny it. that's not to suggest that manti lied to us or that he's closeted but only that he's insecure. what he's insecure about, i'm not sure. it's been my experience that the more secure someone is, the less likely they are to be offended or putting up a front. >> should she have asked that question? i'm just curious. >> yeah. why not. we're all whispering it. that's one of the first things that popped out when the story broke out. i team glad she did because it takes it out of the shadows. there's nothing wrong with it.
7:07 am
the more we openly talk about it and not just worcester about it, the less likely we are to see it as something salell lay shus. >> let's talk about the arctic blast bridging plunging cold and snow. this morning many are waking up to plunging temperatures. foughts in the eastern united states frozen this morning. right now it's still in the teens across most of wisconsin, but frigid cold also touching areas that have so far been basking in a mild winter. temperatures in the 20s, reaching as far south as south carolina and georgia. let's check in with meteorologist alexandra steele to finding out when we can all get warm again. >> all right. it's going to be a while. the biggest problem, though, the arctic air, that's there, check. the moisture, less so. so here's the storm system we're watching, a little bit of snow, snow showers through the chicago/ohio valley.
7:08 am
the most dangerous weather right here in kentucky and tennessee. that's really where the ice bull's eye is. here's where we're seeing ice reports. take a look at this. i want to show you what i-65 looks like. this is southbound i-65. it's a ten-car pileup. it has not moved in ten minutes. we've been moring to this. this is just north of ee liz bel beth town, kentucky. so that's really kind of the ice bull's eye and the biggest issue. here's the timeline. throughout this afternoon at around 3:00 we're going to see the ice. the axis moving toward asheville and greenville, i-40 thwart charlotte. that's where the ice will be. believe it or not we've got a little snow coming out. washington, d.c., we'll see some snow. new york city, less than that. either way, carol, it's a quit hit in or out and it will be a fait accompli tonight and
7:09 am
tomorrow smoother sailing. the ice warning is there through tennessee until 6:00 tomorrow night. >> thank you so much. just about two hours from now president obama expected to announce his new white house chief of staff. dennis mcdonagh, one of the president's most trusted advisers. he's been at the white house for four years and currently serves at the deputy security adviser. he'll replace jack lew who's now the president's treasury secretary. today is timothy geithner's last day of reign. he saw controversial bailouts to the auto industry, the banging system, and the national economy mired in a deep recession. geithner's possible selection, as i just told you, jack lew is awaiting confirmation hearings. >> two other stories we're following. the next images in this next story, tough to watch. it shows a severely autistic child beating himself until he's bruised and battered.
7:10 am
but it's important to show you why his parents felt they had to turn to a controversial treatment to calm him down. here's our afill yanlt from ktpe in portland, oregon. >> reporter: it's difficult to watch, this video of an oregon child hurting himself in a fit of rage. 11-year-old alex is see yearly autistic. his self destructive behavior your brought on by a genetic disorder that affects about 50,000 people this the u.s. it causes growth in organs. in alex's case, primarily in the brain. they can lead to seizures and autism. alex can't communicate with words making it difficult to understand what's troubling him. >> indescribable. it was horrifying. he was able to be acting normal and all of a sudden run himself into a wall. >> reporter: his parents have turned to a controversial treatment, medical marijuana to manage his behavior. >> when you've got no other options, are you honestly going to say no?
7:11 am
>> it wasn't always this way though. >> he was actually going to be jake for the longest time and when he was born and when we saw him we said that's not jake. that's alex. >> the day he was born they were full of hope up till six weeks later when their baby had his first seizure. >> we didn't know he was going to be autistic at that time. i think he was 3 when he first started hurting himself. >> reporter: by the time alex was 5 it was intense self-directed rage. alex headbutted everything he could. bruising his forehead so badly he would drain until his entire face was black and blue. they got a helmet, swaddled him like a newborn and tried mood-altering drugs. his behavior game their new normal. when he was 8 they made a heartbreaking decision to move him into a state funded group home. >> it was like we were throwing him away, like we were just giving him to somebody else and
7:12 am
saying, sorry, buddy, you know, you're not part of the family anymore. it was -- it was pretty rough. >> reporter: but was there a way to help him to bring back this smiling boy? alex's family looked into oregon's medical marijuana program and the doctor approved alex. he's now about 1 of 50 children with card like this. while autism is not a qualifying medical condition like cancer or pain, in alex's case the seizures are and they saw dramatic improvement. >> he went from hitting himself, bloodying his face and within an hour and half, he would be playing with toys, using his hands, something at that time that was almost unheard of. >> an extremely rare occurrence. >> reporter: the group home won't give him marijuana so about three time as week they give it to him.
7:13 am
>> that was nicole dal from our affiliate. they do not advocate using it. they're just at their wit's end. that was so difficult to watch. >> so difficult. you just feel for that child and that family. >> so why do so many doctors object to treating children like this with medical marijuana? >> because there's no science behind it. there are no good studies out there that say that marijuana works. marijuana has risks, right? it can schorten attention span, it does all sorts of things cognitively and they're like do you want something that might have a down side. so the american academy of pediatrics is opposing marijuana for kids. we reached out to autism speaks which is a big advocacy group and they say there currently is not scientific evidence to give it for treatment of autistic
7:14 am
symptoms. >> when you have a child look this and you're at your wit's end, i can totally understand. >> you totally get it when you watch that. i actually was just on the phone with a psychiatrist o two treats children with autism and he said, look, i get it. i get why these parents do it. he's in state where marijuana is not legal but he's prescribed something called marinol which is a pill that basically contains the same thing. he says i have given it to children because when we try everything else, there needs to be something. when there are prescription drugs given to children with autism, they have pretty horrific side effects and pretty significant long-term side effects and so why do we think the side effects of marijuana are any worse. a south carolina sheriff taking a public stance on gun control. he says he will not enforce any new laws he finds unconstitutional. weight, c-max has a nice little trait,
7:15 am
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15 minutes past the hour. time to check on our top stories. the former mayor of detroit is going back to jail. kwame kilpatrick going back. he's on parole after a conviction for obstruction of justice is currently on trial for public corruption. representatives from mothers against drunk drive willing meet with the dallas cowboys. two players have been arrested in alcohol-related incidents recently. this week jay radcliff was charged with dui. josh brent faces a manslaughter charge in saep rat crash that killed jerry brown. cn reached tout the cowboys for comment. we have not gotten a comment. andy murray's advanced to
7:18 am
australia's open final. he defeated 17-time grand slam winner roger federer in a tense set. he'll now face djokovic. he's the number one ranked player in the world. six weeks after the deadly shooting at newtown, connecticut, congress now has a federal assault weapons ban to debate. the president's plan, which was introduced by california senator dianne feinstein, reinstates the ban that expired in 2004. the bill also restricted ammunition magazines to ten rounds or less. the senator admits, though, it's going to be a tough battle. >> if anyone asked today can you win this, the answer is we don't know. it's so uphill. there is one great hope out there, and that is you because you are stronger than the gun lobby. >> it's also another problem. a growing backlash among some
7:19 am
members of the law enforcement community. they say they will not uphold any gun control laws they find unconstitutional. south carolina's sheriff al canon is one of those. he joins us live now. good morning, sir. >> good morning, carol. how are you? >> i'm good. thank you for joining us. how would you characterize dianne feinstein's bill? >> scary. very scary. >> why is that? >> well, because -- and she says that over time it's her goal to eliminate certain types of weapons. i think that's very scary and a slippery slope. i've not seen the list of firearms that she has elaborated on, but i think that -- i personally believe that the provision in the second amendment is the final failsafe, if you will. an armed society, if you read the federalist papers and study
7:20 am
the constitution, you'll see exactly why that is so important. and i believe that there is a goal to ultimately take as many firearms as possible. the differences between the firearms more often than not are cosmetic as to what is an assault weapon, that sort of thing. >> well, i think the senator's bill also includes guns that will remain legal, not just guns that will become illegal to own. and these 153 weapons she's talking about she says are assault-type weapons. >> and one of the reasons i got involved in this is because, you know, i think that to an extent, i'm somewhat of a subject matter expert on this. i've dealt with gun violence, firearms all my life, and -- at least my adult life, and another
7:21 am
element that i strongly disagree with is the idea that somehow this is going to prevent the kind of violence that everybody's concerned about. i think there's some practical problems associated with things like the magazine capacity, but i will tell you that i think that much of this is taking advantage of our grief and people's general lack of information and understanding about firearms in general. >> but here's the thing. >> i think to an and tent they're taking advantage of it. >> here's the thing. law enforcement, you, sir, are responsible for enforcing the laws, not determines if they're constitutional. >> that's not exactly right. police officers -- and that is my opinion, quite frankly. i am an attorney, by the way. >> but you're also -- you're also in charge of enforcing the laws on the books. >> i would be meeting with the
7:22 am
attorney general to get guidance on that. so it's not as if i'm making the decision on my own. and think that's an important responsibility we have. we take much of this for granted, but in the final analysis, police officers who are considered lay persons under the law, make decisions every day as to whether -- on constitutional issues, whether or not probable cause exists to arrest somebody and they actually have discretion. >> this is the law about a certain kind of weapon. if you went to the attorney general and he said, look york u have to follow the law, this is constitutional, will you follow the law? >> then i will probably follow it, yes. i will probably follow it. but i will look closely at my own understanding of the constitution, my own study, and will put that in the context of what he and others say. >> well, you seem to be contradicting yourself when you say that, though, sir. >> no, i'm not. no, i'm not. >> you say you would listen but
7:23 am
you'd make your own determination as an attorney. you're a sheriff. >> as a law enforcement officer, we vn an obligation, although it rarely comes into placement but we have an obligation to follow -- or enforce lawful laws, if you will, constitutional laws. it's very similar to what the military personnel have, to on the one hand obey orders but he's also responsible for not following unlawful orders and it's left to up to an individual. >> it's up to the individual to decide which laws are constitutional and then decide whether to follow them or not? >> in the final analysis because to say i was following orders or the law does not necessarily protect you from the ramifications of enforcing an unlawful order or in this case
7:24 am
enforcing unconstitutional law. >> i don't believe mm generals would agree with you because they want the soldiers to follow their order. that's the way we follow orderly war. >> they tell them -- i have a military background. you're also obligated not to follow an unlawful order. they will tell you that. any general that you talk to will tell you. >> any general would say i don't issue unlawful orders, at least i hope not. >> um -- >> well, let me ask you this. >> we've had -- listen, listen. on that point, carol, there have been a number of allegations of sexual misconduct in the military here recently, and some of those involve giving -- taking advantage of rank and in effect giving orders that were taking advantage of the rank separation. so that occurs. that occurs. that's a serious problem. >> well, there was also a soldier recently kicked out of the military for not following
7:25 am
orders because he found those orders unconstitutional. so there's an example. >> and there are ramifications. >> that's right. >> there are obviously ramifications. >> there's a petition out right now calling for your resignation. what do you say to those who don't agree with what you're saying today? >> i'm doing what i'm elected to do. i'm elected with a very narrow range of responsibilities that have to do with public safety, law enforcement, and i'm not a robot. i'm supposed to think about what it is i do, and i'd point out to you, you've been talking about the nfl making statements. i remember then senator clinton screaming that she was tired of people saying that it was unpatriotic to criticize the president. all i've done is stood up and expressed my view of this very crucial part of the second amendment that i see in an
7:26 am
instance of taking advantage of people's grief to pass things that in the final analysis are not in the best interest of the country and the second amendment that is such an important part of protecting this republican. >> sheriff al cannon, charleston county, south carolina. thank you so much for talk joining us. >> thank you, carol. talk back question. should the super bowl be politicized? i'll be right back. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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now's your chance to talk back on one of the stories of the day. the question this morning, should the super bowl be
7:29 am
politicized? the super bowl. that's one of the few events that captures the nation's undivided attention. last year some 111 million people watched. that's roughly a third of the american population. one of this year's super bowl players, brendan ayanbedejo wants to seize the media's attention to push for gay equality, something he's been passionate about for years. >> i see it as a human rights issue. it's equal rights. whether it's suffrage or segregation, it's all the same to me. i'm known as an ambassador, the gay ambassador. >> he said if ravens were to win he was to go on elin saying, quote, that's my ultimate goal, to go on the ellen show and dance with her, bust a move with her. this isn't the first time the super bowl has been used as a political platform.
7:30 am
a few years ago tim tebow and his mom appeared in an anti-abortion ad at the super bowl. >> i call him my miracle baby. he almost didn't make it into the world. it was so hard. he's all grown up and i still worry about his health. with all our family's been through, you have to be tough. timmy, i'm trying to tell a story here. >> sorry about that, mom. >> there are surely those who say can't we just sit back and watch the game? take a three-hour break from things like politics and religion and let the biggest controversy about the super bowl be something simple like whether beyonce is lip sinkifrp syncing the super bowl. should the super bowl be politicized? facebook me or tweet me. we've got to stop being the
7:31 am
stupid party. louisiana governor bobby jindal says they have to stop insulting the intelligence of voters. >> we've got to stop being the stupid party. i'm serious. it's time for a new republican party that talks like adults. it's time for us to articulate our plans for america in real terms. it's no secret we have had republicans. we must quit big. we're not the party of big business, big bailouts, big corporate loop holes or big anything. we must not be the parties that simply protects the well off so they can protect their toys. we've got to be the party who shows all americans will thrive. we've got to be the party who helps the middle-class folks. >> a contributor to "the daily beast." amy cramer is the chairwoman of
7:32 am
the tea party express. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> it's so nice to have people in atlanta, atlanta girls. >> we wanted to meet you. touch you snopa trisha just had twins. >> i did. >> congratulations so much. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> we have to talk about bobby jindal and his comments. some republicans might say who made you the reformer? do you welcome his comments? bobby jindal's comments, amy? >> i think he's right. i think he's absolutely right. the republican party has a serious messaging problem and we need to get out in front. one thing they do is they're always playing defense. they're not proactive. and we need -- all those things he talked about the party of big, he's absolutely right. the tea party movement wants government to shrink. we want the power to be put back in the hands of the states and the people where it belongs because it's not a -- you know, one size fits all blanket policy doesn't always work. >> but the republicans bobby jindal was talking about were tea party-backed candidates and
7:33 am
some would say he's talking about the tea party. >> well, i disagree with that. what he's talking about is some off-the-wall comments that were made and those candidates lost. i didn't support one of those candidates. i called them out fornd it and said you should withdraw from the race. we have to learn how to get the message out there that we want america to thrive and big government stands in the way. and so we want to have -- we want everybody to have the opportunity to become part of the middle class, and that's what we're all about. >> so, patricia, is bobby jen dal talking about a messaging problem or is it really -- because you're talking about the same message put a different way. is that what bobby jindal's talking about? >> i don't think that's the problem with the republican party right now. they do have a messaging problem. they also have a legislating problem. and what he was talking about, stupid comments that people have made, talking about there might be a legitimate case for rape, there might not be. what's the debate about rape. why is everybody talking about
7:34 am
rape? why sjt anybody talking about contraception? these weren't off-the-wall comments. these are bills that were introduced in many, many states across the country, starting to restrict contraception. it gets people afraid. i want somebody to help me bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. they want people to deal with the economy and that's not what the republican party did the last time around. i think jindal has a prescription to how to fix it if the republicans are willing to follow it. >> here's the thing. in 2010 when they said washington needs to rein in the spending, we won big, we won huge. in 2012 when the republican party drove the messaging we lost. that tells you something. if we stay focused what is affecting everybody across the country and that is the fiscal issues, it's about jobs, jobs, jobs, i mean we win.
7:35 am
that's what we need to stay focused on. >> i will say president obama was re-elected and that means in part to me that people are kind of into big government. >> i don't know about that. >> i disagree. >> i think many were going with the lesser of two evils with their choice at the ballot box, particularly independent voters but what they saw in mitt romney is they didn't have anything in common with him and didn't want to. and that was dividing up the country. 47% here, 47% there. let's have a fight over the nips and scraps and that's not a message that resonated. it's also a party that's extremely white, it was not reaching out to minority voters, insulting minority voter asnd with women voters. you cannot build a vole ligs when you're breaking down people like that. >> president obama was re-elected but also the house was re-elected overwhelmingly by republicans. >> democrats picked up some seats. >> we need to do a better job at
7:36 am
reaching out to minorities articulating our message better. if you look at ted cruz in texas, he won 80% of the vote. instead of getting off on subjects of rape and stuff, we win big. >> you should let amy run for something. >> thanks to both of you for coming in. we'll be right back. glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪.♪it's so e ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you
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7:39 am
odds or ask a sports expert but that would be too easy. the winner could be just in the wings. >> throw them down and see what we see. all right? very interesting. this was a very easy year. check it out. that is clearly an "s," "f." there's your "s" and lower case "f." let's run it through the food chicken bone software. you can see it right there. >> the wings say san francisco. but you might month to waste your wings on prediction. there is talk about wings shortage just days before the big day. on "gma" this morning, it was, quote, a nation in crisis before the super bowl. >> apparently there's a crisis looming about a super bowl staple. yes, we're talking about chicken wings. >> oh, no. >> over the past decade the popularity of the chicken wing has soared as football fans have spent sundays eating them by the bucketful, but is there enough supply for our demand. >> that's the question, isn't
7:40 am
it? we assigned our allison cil lli tell us. >> chicken little, chitten little, is the sky falling? they're clearing things up out there. there's going to be fewer but there's no shortage. they produced 1% fewer birds partly because of the drought that caused feed prices to rise. it's all about supply and demand. wimgs are going to be more expensive. here's how they put it in the wing report. yes, it has a wing report. chickens have two wings and they're not allowed to produce more than two wings. it will go up as it has. thanks for that. wing prices. wing prices, carol, they're at a
7:41 am
record high. they're up 14% from a year ago, but, but the council also says americans are willing to pay more. i find that amazing because i did a little research about chicken wings. did you know at one point they didn't want them? they looked at the wings and said they're the cheapest part of the chicken. what do we do with them? some one came up with and you've got something americans can't live without. >> do you like your spicy or mild? >> spicy. >> me too. >> skin on. so as unhealthy as it is, i'll take it. if it's wrong, i don't want it right. >> girl,'ve got to go to your super bowl party. 'll be thered on sunday. >> good. >> thanks, alison. we'll be right back.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
43 minutes past the hour. checking our top stories, you're looking at the charred battery from a 787 dreamliner. the plane landed safely in boston earlier this month but federal safety officials say ittet could have been much worse. dream lines around the world were grounded after another incident in japan. in statement japan weekends progress in the investigation. they're promising to make big changes involving hazing. the drum major robert champion
7:45 am
died after being beaten on a bus in 2011 in hazing incident. mark zuckerberg apparently likes new jersey governor chris christie. the facebook founder planning to hold a fund-raiser for the republican rising star. thing he already is a star, don't you? silicon valley is typically i known for leaning left but zuckerberg and his wife reportedly like christie's take on education. girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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manti te'o has already begun a very public campaign to correct his image. a huge amount of money is ride on whether he can maintain that. he maintains he's a victim of a cruel prank, not aling participant, but he does admit he continued with the story of his dying girlfriend even after learning she was myrlie a creation of the internet. listen to what he told katie couric. >> you stuck to the script and you knew that something was amis, manti. >> mm-hmm. correct. >> why? >> well, put yourself in my situation. katie, put yourself in my situation. this girl i committed myself to died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6 saying she's alive and i'm going to be put on national tv two days later and
7:49 am
ask me about the same question. you know, what would you do? >> what would you do? bob dorfman is a sports marketing analyst and executive vice president with baker street advertising. good morning, bob. >> good morning. >> you know, there's no doubt that the media in large part packaged manti te'o into this likeable emotional figure so that people would watch football games, is that fair? >> that's fair. i mean i think it really is part of his personality, but, yeah, you know, every successful athlete is a brand so in a sense they're packages a little bit. >> exactly. and you don't get attention unless you have this touching story or you came up from hard knocks to become this huge success, otherwise forget it. nobody's going to pay attention to you. >> that's true. again, you know, the backstory becomes very important. you know, there's hundreds of guys in the nfl. if you have a strong backstory,
7:50 am
that certainly helps your marketabili marketability. >> who does it first. does the athlete go to the media? does the media goinggo to the athlete in how does it happen? >> it's a combination of both. if you're a successful athlete, you're interviewed after the games. the more you're interviewed, the more you get into your personal life. you have an agent who's also working with you and trying to tell your story. so it's a little bit of both sides. >> so here's this kid. he's what, 21 years old at the most maybe and he has this great backstory and the media's latched onto it. they believe every word he said. and then he finds out it's a lie and he's going to go on national television and you heard him. he says what would you do. so as a marketing expert, what should he have done and do you understand why he chose do what he did? >> well, the big question right now is what's the truth? i mean this story hasn't played out yet. i watched him last night on
7:51 am
katie couric and he certainly seemed sincere. it's hard to imagine that he's clever enough, you know, to come up with, you know, a story that he manufactured that was involved -- that he was involved in from the beginning. he seems to be, you know, a bit pathetic, a bit of a dupe here. i think, you know, it's important that the whole truth come out. he's got to own up to whatever he did. he seems to be doing that. he admitted to a few little lies. but i don't think those are, you know, terribly damaging. he was embarrassed. you know, if i think that that's the story that he was duped, he was embarrassed by this whole thing. he was afraid to tell his parents the truth. he was afraid to tell the public the truth. he ran with the lie a little bit, thing he's okay. if things get worse than this and there's very much the possibility that they will, then we have serious problems with
7:52 am
his marketability and his whole image. >> okay. so does the nfl -- he's going to try out for the nfl, have interviews with all these teams. what will he say and do you think he has some type of person like you helping him to figure out -- >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. i mean he has a high-powered agent. he has some of the best people, you know, in the world working damage control for him. so, you know, i assume they're doing the best they can in this situation. the nfl, frankly, only cares how well he plays on the field. and as long as he's, you know, tackling and making big hits and helps the team win, all that other stuff kind of falls away. >> i think you're absolutely right about that, bob dorfman. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we'll be back.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood
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7:56 am
or sniggler. you can find them on cross words. >> they're considered delicacies whether they're served raw, baked, boiled, or fried. >> love it. tastes like chicken. well, what you're looking at is an eel holding system. >> and that has created a kind of appreciation all along the east coast of the united states where the eel trade helps support hundreds of fishing families and 30 employees in this company alone. most of the year eels caught wild in waters from florida to newfoundla newfoundland pour into this site. science its are concerned about what appear to be declining numbers along the coast and so are the people in the business of catching them. >> there's habitat pressure, they build dams over the years. as we harvest the eels, everyone wants to make sure it's
7:57 am
sustainable. >> reporter: after all, crockman says he's been up to his elbows in eels his whole life. >> when i sort eel, when you go to sleep, you start to see eels in your sleep. that vision penetrates and stays there. >> >> reporter: that's creepy. >> it is creepy. >> reporter: even in the tough times it's sustained his family and many others on their american journey. tom foreman, cn, norristown, pennsylvania. el so alone. but you're not alone. i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes.
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